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 Steven Gibbs
  Double Terminated Quartz Crystal
29 hdrkid 7917   21/04/2015 at 07:07PM 
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  HDR Owners
5 tuvok50 1276   08/04/2015 at 07:00PM 
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 Steven Gibbs
  Not sure if anyone still comes around this site
0 buff 82   08/04/2015 at 06:43PM 
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  Reality Manipulator
2 tuvok50 959   08/04/2015 at 06:09PM 
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  Here is a new HDR blog
1 hdrkid 691   08/04/2015 at 06:03PM 
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 Steven Gibbs
  HDR with the SE-5
0 buff 82   03/04/2015 at 11:46AM 
buff Last Post
 Steven Gibbs
  Crystal Charging
0 buff 75   03/04/2015 at 11:41AM 
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  My 4th Dimensional Trip Very Scary
0 buff 97   02/04/2015 at 04:46PM 
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Is Time Travel Possible?

Space-Time Cloak Possible
Time Travel News hdrkid writes "Space-Time Cloak Possible

It''''''''''''''''s no illusion: Science has found a way to make not just objects but entire events disappear, experts say.

According to new research by British physicists, it''''''''''''''''s theoretically possible to create a material that can hide an entire bank heist from human eyes and surveillance cameras.


Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 26 @ 00:00:00 MDT (3380 reads)
(Read More... | 3 comments | Score: 5)

20 Things You Didn't know about Time?
Time Travel News Check out this article over at discover magazine.

Posted by admin on Monday, March 16 @ 20:45:11 MDT (4379 reads)
(Read More... | 1 comment | Score: 0)

Unbiased Look into Time Travel? Decide for yourself
Time Travel News zeb writes "National Geographic Channel takes a look at the challenges of time travel 

Here is the link

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 22 @ 20:15:39 MST (4571 reads)
(Read More... | 3 comments | Score: 5)

Time Traveler talks about Green Power Rally
Time Travel News Vanessa writes "This is my 2nd, exclusive interview with Captain Ozone – the real-life superhero who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2039.  This 2nd interview was done via shortwave radio and is mainly about the Captain’s Green Power Rally.  If you wish to read my 1st interview with Captain Ozone, click here.


Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 04 @ 15:31:57 MST (5976 reads)
(Read More... | 27865 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 4.66)

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Is Time Travel Possible?



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